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“Remaining innovative requires us to understand both the shifts and the new strategy agenda that follows. We must collaborate or perish—across borders, cultures, disciplines, and firms, and increasingly with masses of people at one time.” (Wikinomics)

Digital pioneer Howard Rheingold points out, “Collectivism involves coercion and centralized control; collective action involves freely chosen self-selection and distributed coordination.” Whereas communism stifled individualism, mass collaboration is based on individuals and companies employing widely distributed computation and communication technologies to achieve shared outcomes through loose voluntary associations. (Wikinomics)

Renowned computer scientist, composer, and author Jaron Lanier worries that collaborative communities such as flickr, MySpace, and Wikipedia represent a new form of “online collectivism” that is suffocating authentic voices in a muddled and anonymous tide of mass mediocrity. (Wikinomics) The “mass mediocrity” can be definitely observed in the flow of applications, mass-messages. However, from […]