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Chinese exports


Growth in exports from China to Europe has been outpacing sales to the US, even before recent scares in North America over the safety of some Chinese-made goods. This year, Europe overtook the US as the biggest destination for Chinese exports. “The rise of European market is good news for sustaining Chinese export growth, but, […]

BusinessWeek says: The UN Development Program’s Beijing-based Silk Road Initiative (SRI) wants to rebuild the old road which brought Chinese goods to Europe, with a view to sharing China’s prosperity with its western neighbors. Central Asia would contribute natural and human resources in return. This is a great initiative and I am curious how it […]

“Not everything we do well is worth doing. And even the things worth doing now are not necessarily worth doing tomorrow. Self-sufficiency is the road to poverty. Innovation and trade are the road to prosperity.” Russell Roberts And this links to the “Mavericks at work” book, briefly explaining the need to go further up towards […]

Tough question!? I was reading Treasure Island: The power of trade, by Russell Roberts. It’s quite enlightening. And again I found this thanks to CafeHayek =) so great! “The lesson is that the best use of your time in a world of trade depends on the skills of others. Our differences create the potential for […]