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I was reading these facts and began to ponder on the significance of such a waste.. because if the marketing efforts don’t work, then the approach must be flawed. Why not save paper? The direct marketing industry consumes 3.6 million tons of paper annually, over 13 percent of all printing and writing paper. Like credit […]

It is a recent concept, born out of the need for creative solutions from proactive people. Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability – “Business with a Cause”.The concept takes its departure from generic entrepreneurship theory development, its extensions and further contextualization into the domains of sustainability, primarily through recent research.

John Hagel in his book, which I am now reading – “The only sustainable edge”, suggests that: “any innovation-driven strategy will likely falter unless we fundamentally reframe our strategic thinking at three levels: reconceive sources of strategic advantage master new mechanisms to build advantage adopt new approaches for developing strategy”