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Today I’d like to share with you a story and its learning point. In an old hunters’ story, two hunters were preparing to go to the jungle to hunt a tiger. One of them was putting on light and comfortable running shoes, whereas the other had his old heavy boots. “Do you think it will […]

Selling Blue Elephants mentions 3 types of mindsets of consumers. The imaginer: “Describe the situation, the ambience to me, and paint me a romantic picture. I am not so interested in the food.” The elaborate: “Describe the product by painting a word picture, and these people will love the product. These people are really into […]

I was reading these facts and began to ponder on the significance of such a waste.. because if the marketing efforts don’t work, then the approach must be flawed. Why not save paper? The direct marketing industry consumes 3.6 million tons of paper annually, over 13 percent of all printing and writing paper. Like credit […]

Permanent mindful experimentation enables companies to survive the competition and succeed. Create a culture of disciplines experimentation and learning that is critical for the competitive market that faces you today. You learn while doing. The benefit is simple. You optimize your development and communication over time. Change is the only constant!

While reading “Selling Blue Elephants” I learned about the process of RDE, which proves to be very useful in product development. “In many cases, consumers cannot articulate exactly what they need, want or like.” “Identify and experimentally explore the factors that could drive consumer interest.” “Show consumers several systematically designed prototypes.” Steps in RDE: Think […]