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“The recognition of the existence of potential profits means that an entrepreneur had particular knowledge that other people didn’t have. Having this unique knowledge means that profits are not the outcome of random events, as the EMH suggests. For an entrepreneur to make profits, he must engage in planning and anticipate consumer preferences. Consequently, those […]

Win smallWin earlyWin often People can’t argue with successStart smallDon’t overpromise

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“rational goals pursued through inspirational leadership” rational – analyticalinspirational – detached Myers-Briggs, Fekete — “profiling” (to look for) “corporate cultures need to be adaptive and must be strategically aligned to a changing business environment” –> flexible “Japanese companies were not always successful, especially not in their globalization processes” “corporate culture hype”corporate culture –> success “Courage […]

oil in Europe


“Russia supplies a quarter of the EU’s oil and over two-fifths of its natural gas. “ CNN article – Russian oil flows through Belarus, January 10, 2007


Mr Barroso, however, subsequently signalled his strong support for the EU’s emissions trading scheme, which imposes strict limits on the amount of carbon dioxide that energy-intensive businesses may emit. He said: “Europe is determined to lead by example. We should be proud of what we are doing as Europeans. We led the negotiations to create […]

Global mindset


Global mindset = a way of thinking that shapes action. p.10 Each person is challenged to develop a more global mindset, but the nature of this challenge varies according to the values instilled by distinctive domestic traditions. p.12 Ways to develop a more global mindset by Gupta and Govindarajan (2002):– Curiosity about the world and […]

the French fry


“One thing almost never changes: the French fry. Consumers love them, and so do restaurant owners because they are the second-biggest profit maker in fast-foods.” “The French fry is but one indicator of economic prosperity. The more a country develops economically, the more French fries people consume.” Introduction to Globalization & Business – Barbara Parker