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I have just watched a video on FT website (view from Europe). Jean Lemierre, the president of EBRD, was talking about the global credit crunch and the effects on the banking region. He started off saying that this is a tricky time for the world economy. However, the banking system hasn’t yet seen a major […]

Does your vision statement declare what you are going to do better than your competitors? Does it identify what makes you different and how you will beat the competition? Does it identify your target market? Does it capitalize on your strengths and minimize the impact of your weaknesses? Would your vision statement fit any of […]

“High-quality films, though, can offer lessons about problem-solving and teamwork as well as focusing on issues such as globalisation and diversity, Mr Bogliari said.” Some of the recommendations: Stephen Spielberg’s The Terminal starring Tom Hanks Pedro Almodvar’s Volver with Penelope Cruz Moral of both stories: Use diversity to your advantage. Westerns starring John Wayne MOS: […]

Here is a summary of Silicon Valley’s success secrets: * Failure tolerated. “Bankruptcy” in The Valley, Mickelthwaite writes, “is treated like a dueling scar in a Prussian officer’s mess.” Another Valley commentator, Michael Malone, offers his own version of this: “Failure is Silicon Valley’s No. 1 strength.” Amen! * Treachery tolerated. Jumping from company to […]