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the Toyota way


“That’s one of the subtle but distinctive characteristics of a Toyota factory. The supervisors and managers aren’t “bosses” in any traditional American sense. Their job is to find ways to do the work better:more efficiently, more effectively.” “Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement have been around for more than a quarter-century. But the incessant, almost mindless […]



“Stop looking for direction and just get on a path. You have to start something to finish something and paralyzing yourself without choosing direction isn’t any way to go.” more I guess this is also good to think of in real life, personal or whatever.. Smart thing is to prioritize fast, and choose a way… […]

“I spent the rest of the evening in awe and confusion: I had built a model in my mind of what a self-made businesswoman would be like; I assumed she would be frazzled and a bit pissed off for having spent the majority of her life working. I assumed she would look tired and sartorially […]