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International marketers cannot afford to be ethnocentric.

Stefan Stern from Financial Times has published a list of the best business books of 2008. 1. When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change – By Mohamed El-Erian. 2. The Logic of Life: Uncovering the New Economics of Everything – By Tim Harford 3. A Sense of Urgency – By […]

In 1970s the International Product Cycle Theory would give rise to the idea that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. In these times of crisis, nowadays, we need models and specialists to turn the world around and invent new models for the messed up investments and debts.

Business is repetitive and pessimistic, especially in these times of crisis. Everyone talks about the crisis, everyone is surrounded by uncertainty, musing upon the good times, the lessons from the past that apparently have been used to some extent. I don’t have the patience anymore to read the same stories on what should be done, […]

There are possibilities for a better world, through perpetuating creativity. Companies sharing their expertise with and for the benefit of local less developed markets, while incentivised by the environment, have the opportunity to make positive changes in the world. The more important actors to to develop creative capitalism are corporations, because they can act now! […]



I’m currently reading “Blunders in International Business” — a really cool book. Here’s a funny paragraph I found. “Translation blunders are easy to make – especially if you are speaking in a difficult language you do not have experience in. Finnish is widely recognized as a difficult language, but some organizations try to bring their […]