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I’ve read the other day an article in FT Weekend edition, about Lars Bek, a Danish programmer (who has worked in Sillicon Valley as well). His most recent computer software program is the V8 — part of the Chrome web browser. Lars is the one who built this vital component for Chrome (the JavaScript engine). […]

It is a recent concept, born out of the need for creative solutions from proactive people. Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability – “Business with a Cause”.The concept takes its departure from generic entrepreneurship theory development, its extensions and further contextualization into the domains of sustainability, primarily through recent research.

Now about China…in terms of innovation, it also relates to education. Another Economist article (Question Marks, June 5th, 2008, says that ‘new China’ is not a haven for innovation these days. The Needham Question (also known as Li Yuese nanti in Mandarin) tries to find the answer to why the Chinese inventiveness is long […]

Today, while researching for my 48h case-exam, I found a great article (Strategy’s strategist: An interview with Richard Rumelt), on The McKinsey Quarterly, on strategy planning. “A value denial is a business opportunity. Every change and innovation creates new value denials. People wanted to buy music à la carte and keep 10,000 songs on their […]

FT Weekend Columnist Tim Hartford writes this weekend about the implications of carbon tax, and as much as prospects do look good, it is difficult to accurately predict the real consequences of such a tax. David Popp, an economist at Syracuse University, used patent data to evaluate the response to the energy crisis of the […]

Here is a summary of Silicon Valley’s success secrets: * Failure tolerated. “Bankruptcy” in The Valley, Mickelthwaite writes, “is treated like a dueling scar in a Prussian officer’s mess.” Another Valley commentator, Michael Malone, offers his own version of this: “Failure is Silicon Valley’s No. 1 strength.” Amen! * Treachery tolerated. Jumping from company to […]

“Perhaps we should reassess the continuing rationale for the firm, shifting it from efficiency considerations to capability building and systemic innovation.” The only sustainable Edge – John Hagel