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Bing, as a resonating name designed to catch people’s attention is supposed to be the new powerful search engine and with features guarateeing intelligence in your search. What disturbs me, is that Microsoft again tries to incorporate it all. With Bing! it wants to give the “customer” more choice! However I have a feeling that […]

I’ve read the other day an article in FT Weekend edition, about Lars Bek, a Danish programmer (who has worked in Sillicon Valley as well). His most recent computer software program is the V8 — part of the Chrome web browser. Lars is the one who built this vital component for Chrome (the JavaScript engine). […]

Benefits of SEO


SEO has so far, according to WinningTheWeb: enabled companies to take their businesses online and reach a wider audience of targeted potential customers without cost. helped writers and publishers to reach out to people who are interested in a specific subject matter. increased the bottom line for countless companies. Whether you like it or not, […]

Soovle solves?


Soovle is a search engine. That much anyone can tell. But do you want to find relevant related information in all fields of search? Maybe there is a book, a dictionary definition  for what you’re looking for. Do you want to find all the exisitng related words? Well this seems like a shot. But why […]

Wiki vs. Google


“Can the wisdom of crowds trump the power of Google (GOOG )? Jimmy Wales, the man behind Wikipedia, thinks so. Wales plans to launch Wikiasari, a search engine, in early 2007. Like his Web encyclopedia, one of the top 15 online destinations worldwide, Wales’s engine will rely on input from a volunteer community—this time to […]