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The FT weekend article on tobacco ban and tobacco research has caught my attention for several reasons. First of all, it is widely acknowledged that tobacco is not healthy, but why isolate the industry? There are market forces and business ethics involved. BAT (British American Tobacco) has been involved in research, pouring money and resources […]

“The French growth model has been built almost exclusively on consumer demand and construction, the direct opposite of the German model of export-led growth,” Mr Moëc said. “In a country so dependent on consumer demand, when real wages growth turns negative it is a real disaster.” (, Economic outlook clouds Sarkozy success) It’s true, economists […]

Several policy measures should have been simultaneously taken in order to “fix” the imbalances worldwide: The USA should have encouraging more exports and less imports Consumption in Asia and Middle East should have been increased and China should have adopted a higher and flexible exchange rate Western Europe should have been working more on the […]

The G8 met today in Osaka, Japan and discussed the world issues, preparing for the Summit in Hokkaido-Toyako. The FT presented their communique (G8 finance ministers’ communique,, June 14 2008), where the main topics regarded the world economy and commodity prices. Some parts that I underlined in the article were: “the world economy continues […]

Having a mug of hot chocolate and a page of Financial Times in my hands this afternoon .. A thought struck me through the contradictory contents of news from different papers and websites, because I usually want to form a complete picture of events.. Regarding the Irish referendum which is going to take place in […]

I have just watched a video on FT website (view from Europe). Jean Lemierre, the president of EBRD, was talking about the global credit crunch and the effects on the banking region. He started off saying that this is a tricky time for the world economy. However, the banking system hasn’t yet seen a major […]

This morning I was reading the Financial Times and found an article about Europe’s outlook, by IMF. “Financial market turbulence would reduce real growth by 0.75 percentage points in both 2008 and 2009. (…) Inflation in the Eurozone his 3.6 % last month, the highest for almost 16 years. The IMF estimates that a 1 […]