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Having a mug of hot chocolate and a page of Financial Times in my hands this afternoon .. A thought struck me through the contradictory contents of news from different papers and websites, because I usually want to form a complete picture of events.. Regarding the Irish referendum which is going to take place in […]

In this FT video, Wolfgang Ischinger discusses the new enlargement in relation to Russia’s new leadership. He asserts that the EU enlargement needs time. It is noteworthy that the increase in size has improved the quality of the debate and of the decisions. The citizens need time to acknowledge the possibility of new entrants, always […]

I have just watched a video on FT website (view from Europe). Jean Lemierre, the president of EBRD, was talking about the global credit crunch and the effects on the banking region. He started off saying that this is a tricky time for the world economy. However, the banking system hasn’t yet seen a major […]