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BusinessWeek says: The UN Development Program’s Beijing-based Silk Road Initiative (SRI) wants to rebuild the old road which brought Chinese goods to Europe, with a view to sharing China’s prosperity with its western neighbors. Central Asia would contribute natural and human resources in return. This is a great initiative and I am curious how it […]

“No ordinary misfortune, no ordinary misgovernment, will do so much to make a nation wretched as the constant progress of physical knowledge and the constant effort of every man to better himself will do to make a nation prosperous. It has often been found that profuse expenditure, heavy taxation, absurd commercial restriction, corrupt tribunals, disastrous […]

Donald J. Boudreaux lists his top 10 favorite economics books, in article here: Todd Buchholz, “New Ideas From Dead Economists” (1989) Tyler Cowen, “In Praise of Commercial Culture” (1998) David Friedman, “The Machinery of Freedom” (1973) Milton and Rose Friedman, “Capitalism and Freedom” (1962) James Gwartney and Dwight Lee, “Common Sense Economics” (2005) Henry Hazlitt, […]