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I am reading an exciting article in the Financial Times on the purpose of economists and their role in predicting the crisis with all its mismatched predictions. David Marsh considers that economists don’t really serve any special purpose, that they’ve come in the same package with modernity and now we just can’t do without them. […]

A striking situation calling for decisive measures, presented on Frontline – corruption in Nigeria. With over six hundred billion dollars overseas, the country finds itself in a desperate situation – people cannot provide, cannot take care of themselves, the country is literally struggling. Corruption in Nigeria has made it impossible to use god-given resources both […]

[Notes from a Frontline video on the Madoff affair.] FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith unearths the details of the world’s first global Ponzi scheme — a deception that lasted longer, reached wider and cut deeper than any other business scandal in history — in The Madoff Affair. Dec 11, 2008: Madoff was arrested for stock fraud. […]

It’s almost a paradox, but it’s real. In Dubai, apparently due to the crisis, things don’t go as smoothly anymore. “The ubiquitous cranes have paused on the skyline, as if stuck in time. There are countless buildings half-finished, seemingly abandoned.” reports the Not long ago known as “the city of One Thousand and One […]

Business is repetitive and pessimistic, especially in these times of crisis. Everyone talks about the crisis, everyone is surrounded by uncertainty, musing upon the good times, the lessons from the past that apparently have been used to some extent. I don’t have the patience anymore to read the same stories on what should be done, […]

Indian investors seem to be choosing suicide over a life in shame after having lost a lot of money in the markets crisis. This might seem atrocious. It might be related to the “losing of face” culture.. Lamont, J. (Nov 7, 2008), Sharp rise in Indian investors suicides,