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If a presidential candidate were a food, what would he be, and what kind of shoppers would be putting him in their carts? Just to ponder on during the day. A question full of significance if you think of it. In a world of consumerism nearly everything is demand and offer, and of course related […]

Today for Marketing we talked among others, about consumerism. My question to you is: as a consumer are you aware of the rights you can exercise? Are you willing to? Or do you just enjoy buying for the sake of buying? “The efficiencies of mass production created mass consumerism.” (Working over time,, Nov 8, […]

There is a growing trend of “absention” from certain products, according to latest edition of Business Week (May 28, 2007, The Year of Living Abstemiously). This is mainly due to a raise in environmental awareness, “unease about globalization and sustainability”. Such a trend may have serious effects on products made of “unhealthy” ingredients.. and there […]