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A slideshare presentation inspired me to think more about the development of branding, more specifically digital branding. Why does a company brand itself and its products? My response is to create a link between the customers and itself. Links in terms of web 2.0 refer to dialogs, dialogs about the brand, about the people – involving […]

Today I’d like to share with you a story and its learning point. In an old hunters’ story, two hunters were preparing to go to the jungle to hunt a tiger. One of them was putting on light and comfortable running shoes, whereas the other had his old heavy boots. “Do you think it will […]

In 1970s the International Product Cycle Theory would give rise to the idea that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. In these times of crisis, nowadays, we need models and specialists to turn the world around and invent new models for the messed up investments and debts.

When prices go up, better say, rush up, people would stop buying so much, would look for alternatives … But in the case of oil prices, everyone keeps being stubborn! People cannot live without cars, cars eat up oil! Oil reached today $140 !!! (, June 16 2008, Oil hits new record near $140) The […]

A phrase coined by Michael Porter to describe a firm that pursues elements of cost leadership and benefit leadership at the same time and in the process fails to achieve neither a cost advantage nor a benefit advantage. (Besanko, Economics of Strategy, Chapter 11)

Competition is a grand thing. And law is not so much the product of a sovereign, or of a law-giving genius, as it is the emergent outcome of countless instances of human interactions and struggles of each of us and of those who would rule us to carve out elbow room for ourselves and domains […]

“Why might a company be missed? Because it’s providing a product or a service so unique that it can’t be provided nearly as well by any other company. Because it’s created a workplace so dynamic that most employees would be hard-pressed to find a similar environment somewhere else. Because it has forged a uniquely emotional […]