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A slideshare presentation inspired me to think more about the development of branding, more specifically digital branding. Why does a company brand itself and its products? My response is to create a link between the customers and itself. Links in terms of web 2.0 refer to dialogs, dialogs about the brand, about the people – involving […]

“Customers want to see inside your organization, they want to talk to the people who make it what it is, they want to hear their stories. What they don’t want to hear is  you telling them why your company, producs and services are the best.” Enterprise 2.0 by Niall Cook

Enterprise 2.0


McAfee suggests that Enterprise 2.0 has become a reality because of three broad and converging trends: Simple, free platforms for self-expression: A.J.Liebling said that “freedom of the press is limited to those who own one” Emergent structures, rather than imposed ones: technologists started to build tools that let structure emerge. Order from chaos: the ability […]

Social media is getting tremendous load of attention these days: which makes me happy, since I am writing my thesis in the field. I have recently learned about the Master Programs in Social media, offered by Birmingham City University and University of Salford. It is getting more and more serious this way. I want to share […]

Green conversations are everywhere. Last week, Mashable highlighted 75 Twitterers talking green online, but they’re not the only ones. Now with the increasingly widespread proliferation of social media in the corporate world, nonprofits and companies are getting into the mix, too. Here are the top 5 discussions recently monitored on Twitter: Celebrating World Environment Day: UN commiting […]

“It is human nature to trade. People want to do it. People want to meet other people. People want to learn. They want to share. People want to buy things and people want to sell things. They want to congregate. They want to travel. People want new experiences. They want to laugh, smile, sip tea, […]

If a presidential candidate were a food, what would he be, and what kind of shoppers would be putting him in their carts? Just to ponder on during the day. A question full of significance if you think of it. In a world of consumerism nearly everything is demand and offer, and of course related […]

Twitter has recently added its own search engine which is incredibly useful in the world of tweeted information. Reading this article I have decided to extract some ideas to share with you all. Feel free to read the original nonetheless. SO here are the six reasons why twitter is the future of search Takes social […]