On digital branding


A slideshare presentation inspired me to think more about the development of branding, more specifically digital branding.

Why does a company brand itself and its products? My response is to create a link between the customers and itself. Links in terms of web 2.0 refer to dialogs, dialogs about the brand, about the people – involving thus a community, developing a sense of togetherness around the brand. When people talk about your brand, your brand exists. The more people talk about it, the more visible and efficient your branding channels are.

People crave for guides for everything nowadays. Somehow they’re reticent to discover and create their own ways. On twitter there are links to lots of guides, best SEO strategy, monitoring your brand awareness, your revenue, how to use twitter best, how to use Google Wave and so on. However, new 2.0 tools don’t yet have a certain way of being utilized.

The beauty of 2.0 communication is that rules are being created as we speak, its novelty can be intriguing at times and that’s what scares people who are constantly in need of guides. Why not be bold and discover new ways for creating dialogs with your customers? Experiential marketing is about co-creating value without predetermined rules. Risky you might think. Indeed, there are budgets and risks. Some companies do not risk, or are just not visionaries. Blue oceans and new rules for competitions will emerge.

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