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Nestle’s strategy in a period of recession focuses on nutrition values from its sweet products. The Economist has an article about this, questioning whether the shift towards healthy chocolates and sweets is advantageous in present times.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, the firm’s chairman, and Paul Bulcke, its chief executive, hope to transform the food company into the world’s leading health, nutrition and “wellness” firm.  The Economist

I truly wonder at the realistic venture of such an idea, be it as commercially logic as it is argued to be. It does sound rather preposterous when one tells you that what you should not actually eat, would become the healthiest products on earth. Would chocolate and sweets become medicine? Where would then be the treat in the  indulgence? How would the subconscious justify the “food for soul” and (most likely) the money spent? Indulging in medicine.

I love chocolate, in small pieces, in exquisite packaging and because of it resemblance to something beyond the green, the healthy or the “right” thing to eat. If chocolate becomes like medicine and sweets become recommended by specialists, the world might as well turn upside down. What can I say, I am a skeptic in this matter 🙂

Let us think back at the fantastic product that chocolate is. It represents lust for the taste and delight for the senses. Its concept is represented along the concept of love and romance. It’s effects are wondrous in senses, without having to be in large quantities. As a matter of fact, chocolate is best savored in small pieces/quantities, as a marvelous treat. I don’t believe in chocolate as “food” – it’s more of a delight for the moment.

Nevertheless, the overall movement towards green, ecological, ‘the healthiest” will undoubtedly have an effect on the chocolate/sweets industry. With Nestle being the leader, this has already started. It makes me curious. I just cannot picture the exquisite chocolate treats promoted as nutritious healthy products – food for the healthy, instead of food for the thought (love and indulgence). However, in the end it is all a quest for better, most innovative, a competitive R&D action that hopefully will still benefit consumers.

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