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A slideshare presentation inspired me to think more about the development of branding, more specifically digital branding. Why does a company brand itself and its products? My response is to create a link between the customers and itself. Links in terms of web 2.0 refer to dialogs, dialogs about the brand, about the people – involving […]

Secrets gathered from an article in Very good learning tips that can be applied. I took each and added to it myself a few words. Stick with it: startups don’t die, they commit suicides –> that when entrepreneurs get bored, discouraged or just don’t persevere. Start-ups need work and faith, and most of all […]

Nestle’s strategy in a period of recession focuses on nutrition values from its sweet products. The Economist has an article about this, questioning whether the shift towards healthy chocolates and sweets is advantageous in present times. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, the firm’s chairman, and Paul Bulcke, its chief executive, hope to transform the food company into the […]