Human nature and social media


“It is human nature to trade. People want to do it. People want to meet other people. People want to learn. They want to share. People want to buy things and people want to sell things. They want to congregate. They want to travel. People want new experiences. They want to laugh, smile, sip tea, and listen to music. They want fond memories and beautiful carpets. So why is monetizing social media so complicated? What is the big secret?” The Ingenesis Project

I am compiling research and recent studies on social media, perceptions and discoveries. It relates a lot to human behavior and relationships. I really enjoyed Dan’s post on the culture of buying and it makes me wonder about the development of what social media can become. That’s why  Ihave decided to write my thesis on the this topic, focusing more though on consumer centricity, from the firm’s point of view.

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