Corruption in Nigeria


A striking situation calling for decisive measures, presented on Frontline – corruption in Nigeria.

With over six hundred billion dollars overseas, the country finds itself in a desperate situation – people cannot provide, cannot take care of themselves, the country is literally struggling. Corruption in Nigeria has made it impossible to use god-given resources both human and materials. This is due to money being sent overseas.. take into account the example of a governor who had taken 75% of the state money. The country still has a bad name and the reputation of a bad nation. Things have been slowly changing though. People like Nuhu Ribadu have long realized the importance of doing things properly. But the situation does not allow for fast changes..

Watch the video on Frontline to learn more about Corruption in Nigeria.

“if you fight corruption it fights back” Ribadu

“to fight corruption is far more dangerous than working in a country under war” Ribadu

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