6 things you don’t know about SEO


Vinny Goldsmith outlines 6 things he knows about SEO, while Gyutae Park feels the need to refute each of his points ^_^

We thus get a valuable sort of debate on what matters most in the SEO world, or what has mattered the most so far.

  1. Planning matters, but not as much as you planned on
  2. Text is king… but new ideas are gods
  3. Content IS everything
  4. Google IS everybody, and their dogs too
  5. Don’t update too regularly. Patience is overrated.
  6. You can always stop. Quitters can be winners too.

So boths sides of the coin combined, offer you a view on content optimization to-do’s.. a framework so to say on best practices in terms of how to’s. I tend to like the big picture best, that is seeing beyond what Vinny proposes from his own experience with SEO. I do believe there will always be new ideas generating new and better content, that no monopoly can outlive innovation and that there are no rules for update regularity. Obviously there is no neverending process, one can always stop, and start all over again if that works for him. I don’t know about how much content is king, but timing is definitely.

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