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If a presidential candidate were a food, what would he be, and what kind of shoppers would be putting him in their carts? Just to ponder on during the day. A question full of significance if you think of it. In a world of consumerism nearly everything is demand and offer, and of course related […]

Today I’d like to share with you a story and its learning point. In an old hunters’ story, two hunters were preparing to go to the jungle to hunt a tiger. One of them was putting on light and comfortable running shoes, whereas the other had his old heavy boots. “Do you think it will […]

Vinny Goldsmith outlines 6 things he knows about SEO, while Gyutae Park feels the need to refute each of his points ^_^ We thus get a valuable sort of debate on what matters most in the SEO world, or what has mattered the most so far. Planning matters, but not as much as you planned […]

Benefits of SEO


SEO has so far, according to WinningTheWeb: enabled companies to take their businesses online and reach a wider audience of targeted potential customers without cost. helped writers and publishers to reach out to people who are interested in a specific subject matter. increased the bottom line for countless companies. Whether you like it or not, […]

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing one’s website to get better results in search engines. The goal is to efficiently alter (or adapt) a web site so that it does well in the organic, crawler-based listings of search engines. Is it an industry? It’s part of advertising and promoting, of making […]

Twitter has recently added its own search engine which is incredibly useful in the world of tweeted information. Reading this article I have decided to extract some ideas to share with you all. Feel free to read the original nonetheless. SO here are the six reasons why twitter is the future of search Takes social […]

Selling Blue Elephants mentions 3 types of mindsets of consumers. The imaginer: “Describe the situation, the ambience to me, and paint me a romantic picture. I am not so interested in the food.” The elaborate: “Describe the product by painting a word picture, and these people will love the product. These people are really into […]