Soovle solves?


Soovle is a search engine. That much anyone can tell. But do you want to find relevant related information in all fields of search? Maybe there is a book, a dictionary definition  for what you’re looking for. Do you want to find all the exisitng related words? Well this seems like a shot. But why would anyone not use just Google? It does a great job in finding everything 🙂

Soovle seems nonetheless limited, by searching only in the seven, but trully probably most searched sites (including google which actually includes the others anyway!!?!): amazon, wikipedia, yahoo, answers, youtube and google. In my opinion, Soovle seems to just do double work.

One Response to “Soovle solves?”

  1. 1 Matt Amacker

    Thanks for your write up.

    Soovle will soon be updated to hopefully loosen the “limited” part of your commentary. 🙂

    A pre-release version can be viewed at:

    This update allows folks to select from a much larger set of sites to query.

    Try the “engines” link at the upper right to open the drag-and-drop interface.

    The feature will be released to the public site later tonight.

    The update announcement will be broadcast on the twitter account of “soovle”.

    Thanks again for taking the time to talk about Soovle. It is appreciated.

    Matt Amacker

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