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An article in the Economist from last week, mentions the interplay between state and big financial institutions, that keeps or strives to keep the global capital markets in a logical rythm. International finance is vastly a fancy way of dealing at subconscious level with crisis. Everyone has nevertheless noticed that the subconscious of international markets […]

“We don’t have a problem with Americans,” a German friend living in France tells me. “We just don’t like the American way of life–working all the time, rushing around, always seeking more.” Fast Company

“A simple rule dictates my buying: be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful,” proclaimed Warren Buffet.” (Bear market,, November 2008) It might make sense to buy for the long term, but at this time the bottom might still not have been reached. “When markets experience dislocations as extreme […]

Today for Marketing we talked among others, about consumerism. My question to you is: as a consumer are you aware of the rights you can exercise? Are you willing to? Or do you just enjoy buying for the sake of buying? “The efficiencies of mass production created mass consumerism.” (Working over time,, Nov 8, […]

Indian investors seem to be choosing suicide over a life in shame after having lost a lot of money in the markets crisis. This might seem atrocious. It might be related to the “losing of face” culture.. Lamont, J. (Nov 7, 2008), Sharp rise in Indian investors suicides,

There are possibilities for a better world, through perpetuating creativity. Companies sharing their expertise with and for the benefit of local less developed markets, while incentivised by the environment, have the opportunity to make positive changes in the world. The more important actors to to develop creative capitalism are corporations, because they can act now! […]