online collectivism


Renowned computer scientist, composer, and author Jaron Lanier worries that collaborative communities such as flickr, MySpace, and Wikipedia represent a new form of “online collectivism” that is suffocating authentic voices in a muddled and anonymous tide of mass mediocrity.


The “mass mediocrity” can be definitely observed in the flow of applications, mass-messages. However, from the mediocre rise the unique ones, who strive to be different. I assert that there will always be unique individuals aiming to surpress unevolving trends. And here comes the co-opetition concept again, reminding us that in peer collaboartion we need to pat attention to more players, not only the competitors. In collectivism competitors become allies, and everyone is a winner. Or so it is wished. And thus I wonder: do we all win from the new wave of economic democracy coupled with co-opetition?

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