a more effective Europe?


Having a mug of hot chocolate and a page of Financial Times in my hands this afternoon ..

A thought struck me through the contradictory contents of news from different papers and websites, because I usually want to form a complete picture of events..

Regarding the Irish referendum which is going to take place in two days, here goes my question: if the future of Europe depends on Ireland this week, how efficient is Europe?

The Treaty of Lisbon has proved to be a pile of questions and debates, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, by promoting effectiveness and transparency, together with the EU values placing Europe in the global picture, should at some point actually prove to MAKE Europe a working solid alliance.

It’s a bit confusing now: EU as a block (as one) or as an alliance of voluntary countries? Effectiveness by political intrigues or by voluntary participation for the good of all? In our age of open-source-everything (my mind is at the moment a bit techy) could the EU become a new model of cooperation by continuing the trend of being THE model worldwide? or else…. or… will it continue to focus on remodeling institutions and creating intrigues and new policies (the rules to be obeyed if a country wants to get out of the Union).


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