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I just like the name of the concept. A quick google search led me to a review of Canadian Best Practices in Risk Management where the book “Seeing tomorrow: Rewriting the rules of Risk, by Ron S. Dembo and Andrew Freeman (John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1998) is presented. The authors list the main elements […]

Several policy measures should have been simultaneously taken in order to “fix” the imbalances worldwide: The USA should have encouraging more exports and less imports Consumption in Asia and Middle East should have been increased and China should have adopted a higher and flexible exchange rate Western Europe should have been working more on the […]

When prices go up, better say, rush up, people would stop buying so much, would look for alternatives … But in the case of oil prices, everyone keeps being stubborn! People cannot live without cars, cars eat up oil! Oil reached today $140 !!! (, June 16 2008, Oil hits new record near $140) The […]

The G8 met today in Osaka, Japan and discussed the world issues, preparing for the Summit in Hokkaido-Toyako. The FT presented their communique (G8 finance ministers’ communique,, June 14 2008), where the main topics regarded the world economy and commodity prices. Some parts that I underlined in the article were: “the world economy continues […]

global charity


An interesting podcast on Global Philanthropy on tells us that taxes have not yet caught up with international donations.. More and more people are giving to charity overseas. But how do governments act?Pressures from the EU Commission have been increasing. This issue takes us to the Treaty of Rome which promotes the free movement […]

Having a mug of hot chocolate and a page of Financial Times in my hands this afternoon .. A thought struck me through the contradictory contents of news from different papers and websites, because I usually want to form a complete picture of events.. Regarding the Irish referendum which is going to take place in […]

Now about China…in terms of innovation, it also relates to education. Another Economist article (Question Marks, June 5th, 2008, says that ‘new China’ is not a haven for innovation these days. The Needham Question (also known as Li Yuese nanti in Mandarin) tries to find the answer to why the Chinese inventiveness is long […]