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Today, while researching for my 48h case-exam, I found a great article (Strategy’s strategist: An interview with Richard Rumelt), on The McKinsey Quarterly, on strategy planning. “A value denial is a business opportunity. Every change and innovation creates new value denials. People wanted to buy music à la carte and keep 10,000 songs on their […]

FT Weekend Columnist Tim Hartford writes this weekend about the implications of carbon tax, and as much as prospects do look good, it is difficult to accurately predict the real consequences of such a tax. David Popp, an economist at Syracuse University, used patent data to evaluate the response to the energy crisis of the […]

“The broader an actor’s network connections, the more likely the actor will be to identify suitable potential exchange partners.” (Rangan, 2000). That means the broader the network one is part of, the more chances to succeed (s)he has. This is mainly due to potential for knowledge transfer, access to new technologies, info etc. To give […]

A phrase coined by Michael Porter to describe a firm that pursues elements of cost leadership and benefit leadership at the same time and in the process fails to achieve neither a cost advantage nor a benefit advantage. (Besanko, Economics of Strategy, Chapter 11)

In this FT video, Wolfgang Ischinger discusses the new enlargement in relation to Russia’s new leadership. He asserts that the EU enlargement needs time. It is noteworthy that the increase in size has improved the quality of the debate and of the decisions. The citizens need time to acknowledge the possibility of new entrants, always […]

I have just watched a video on FT website (view from Europe). Jean Lemierre, the president of EBRD, was talking about the global credit crunch and the effects on the banking region. He started off saying that this is a tricky time for the world economy. However, the banking system hasn’t yet seen a major […]

venture bumps


“If you see venture bumps as opportunities rather than obstacles, perhaps the entrepreneurial lifestyle is right for you.” — Entrepreneurial Finance/Leach I signed up for this course on Entrepreneurial Finance and now I will be learning more about it. Also I found a book in my office on this topic and I am so happy […]