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Chinese exports


Growth in exports from China to Europe has been outpacing sales to the US, even before recent scares in North America over the safety of some Chinese-made goods. This year, Europe overtook the US as the biggest destination for Chinese exports. “The rise of European market is good news for sustaining Chinese export growth, but, […]

This is what Merril Lynch’s report says. Here are some predictions: In the near term – Inflows into “safe” sovereign assets will continue.– The Middle East will dominate inflows into “riskier” assets In the medium term– A “massive shift” into riskier assets– A shift out of government and into private sector assets– A shift out […]

a false dilemma


The neoliberal proposal as instrument of globalization is presented in Latin America as the only alternative to barbarism. The dilemma is posed as either do what neoliberal theory proposes or be left out. Conceptually, however, Latin America and Africa are excluded from globalization anyway. Therefore, this is a false dilemma. Modernization through opening up to […]

the new ILE


“The new Inter-Linked-Economy forms an island, just like the French acronym, in the middle of a world which for some has no borders and for others has nothing but borders that cannot be crossed. The exception is East Asia where Tigers and Dragons with active states, and China with a highly institutionalized state, have managed […]

The Chinese and Japanese languages are written with thousands of pictograms, each drawn with separate strokes. To master a character, you not only need to know its meaning, but also the order and direction in which all the dashes are drawn to form the character. Changes are not allowed, let alone developing your own handwriting.(…) […]