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BusinessWeek says: The UN Development Program’s Beijing-based Silk Road Initiative (SRI) wants to rebuild the old road which brought Chinese goods to Europe, with a view to sharing China’s prosperity with its western neighbors. Central Asia would contribute natural and human resources in return. This is a great initiative and I am curious how it […]



Here’s what the Web says: Anyone can have a Web site. And today, because anyone can … anyone does! So how do you know which sites are worth visiting, which sites to bookmark, which sites are worth going to more than once? The answer: branding. The sites you go back to are the sites you […]



“Forget China, India and the Internet: Economic Growth Is Driven by Women.” —Headline, Economist, April 15, 2006, Leader, page 14

Why do people buy bigger houses when they retire and their children are gone? A plausible conjecture is that a large house close to grown children’s homes may lure the grandchildren to visit more often. With divorce and remarriage more common than in decades past, many children today have six or more grandparents, if the […]

“High-quality films, though, can offer lessons about problem-solving and teamwork as well as focusing on issues such as globalisation and diversity, Mr Bogliari said.” Some of the recommendations: Stephen Spielberg’s The Terminal starring Tom Hanks Pedro Almodvar’s Volver with Penelope Cruz Moral of both stories: Use diversity to your advantage. Westerns starring John Wayne MOS: […]