top 10 Economics Books


Donald J. Boudreaux lists his top 10 favorite economics books, in article here:

  1. Todd Buchholz, “New Ideas From Dead Economists” (1989)
  2. Tyler Cowen, “In Praise of Commercial Culture” (1998)
  3. David Friedman, “The Machinery of Freedom” (1973)
  4. Milton and Rose Friedman, “Capitalism and Freedom” (1962)
  5. James Gwartney and Dwight Lee, “Common Sense Economics” (2005)
  6. Henry Hazlitt, “Economics In One Lesson” (1947)
  7. David Henderson, “The Joy of Freedom” (2001)
  8. Steven Landsburg, “Fair Play” (1997)
  9. Russell Roberts, “The Choice” (third edition, 2007)
  10. Russell Roberts, “The Invisible Heart” (2001)

3 Responses to “top 10 Economics Books”

  1. 1 Don Boudreaux


    Don Boudreaux

  2. 2 Gabby

    🙂 you’re welcome

  3. Might I add Carl Menger – “Principle of economics”

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