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“No ordinary misfortune, no ordinary misgovernment, will do so much to make a nation wretched as the constant progress of physical knowledge and the constant effort of every man to better himself will do to make a nation prosperous. It has often been found that profuse expenditure, heavy taxation, absurd commercial restriction, corrupt tribunals, disastrous […]

There is a growing trend of “absention” from certain products, according to latest edition of Business Week (May 28, 2007, The Year of Living Abstemiously). This is mainly due to a raise in environmental awareness, “unease about globalization and sustainability”. Such a trend may have serious effects on products made of “unhealthy” ingredients.. and there […]

Every salesperson, regardless of the industry, product, or skill level, makes mistakes. Here are some basic sales mistakes to avoid and some tips for selling more and having happier customers. Not listening. Overselling. Being unprepared. Jumping straight to the sale. Not closing the sale. Going off topic. Not researching your customer. Judging books by their […]

There is quite a delimitation between offshoring and outsourcing. I found a very good explanation in Chapter 2, from The Only Sustainable Edge by John Hagel and John S Brown. “An offshore operation can be wholly owned by the parent company or it can be outsourced to a specialized service provider. Conversely, firms can outsource […]

“Perhaps we should reassess the continuing rationale for the firm, shifting it from efficiency considerations to capability building and systemic innovation.” The only sustainable Edge – John Hagel

John Hagel in his book, which I am now reading – “The only sustainable edge”, suggests that: “any innovation-driven strategy will likely falter unless we fundamentally reframe our strategic thinking at three levels: reconceive sources of strategic advantage master new mechanisms to build advantage adopt new approaches for developing strategy”

Donald J. Boudreaux lists his top 10 favorite economics books, in article here: Todd Buchholz, “New Ideas From Dead Economists” (1989) Tyler Cowen, “In Praise of Commercial Culture” (1998) David Friedman, “The Machinery of Freedom” (1973) Milton and Rose Friedman, “Capitalism and Freedom” (1962) James Gwartney and Dwight Lee, “Common Sense Economics” (2005) Henry Hazlitt, […]