what is open source about


“Business is about more than irresistible images. It’s about costs and benefits, winners and losers, terms and conditions. That’s why open source is about more than a new model of innovation. It’s about the art of the deal. If you want to tap the best brains in the world, you’ve got to create compelling reasons for smart people to work with you.”

Mavericks at work – William Taylor & Polly LaBarre

Is this approach a bit like changing the course of a river? The employers become employed by employees..

Employees have now the knowledge and abilities to offer the solutions to various problems, but they have to agree to work with a certain company with which to share their ideas..

In my opinion, this is more like peer-to-peer networks, only the gains here are real-life-advantages: the brains of the world become superstars (and prize-winners) and the company in turn gets the hard-sougth solution to their problem.

I’m so curious how this trend will evolve in the following months, years!

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