Germany’s economy


“Surveys show that German business and consumer confidence is reaching levels not seen for years, but even optimistic forecasters say the world’s third-biggest economy will grow less than 2% this year. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris forecasts German growth of 1.8% in 2006. Most experts foresee growth then slowing again in 2007 because the US and global business cycle looks to have peaked, implying that German companies will have a harder time selling their exports.”

Germany urges spending, The Wall Street Journal , Monday Feb 27, 2006

and to make a comparison to what’s happening today, the Economist shows that:

“Figures from January 2007 show unemployment to have fallen dramatically from its recent high. Once again, Germany’s rebounding economy seems poised to become Europe’s locomotive.”

Germany’s economy, The Economist Online Edition, Feb 28, 2007

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