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“When the UN promotes such concepts as birth control and breast-feeding, this should be viewed as international marketing” International Marketing: Analysis and Strategy – Sak Onkvisit and John J. Shaw

“Performance without strategy is the foundation of luck; strategy without performance is the result of incompetence.” Strategy and performance – James B Riely and the Telegraph Business Club



“The quickest way to alienate a workforce is to overload them with work, set unachievable targets and not listen to them” Professional manager – Nov 2006

“Happiness is highly prised by managers in Malta, Spain and the UK but their counterparts in Lithuania and Germany are more concerned with the environment and corporate social responsibility.” “Cultural differences manifest themselves most strongly in managers’ personal values, rather than in their professional roles as managers.” ” Professional capacity (ie. competence and efficiency) was […]

Make it SMART


S – Simple: don’t make it too wordy of complexM – Meaningful to you: something you really wantA – As if now – write your goal in present tenseR – Realistic – use your judgement to determine how ambitious you want to beT – Towards what you want: use language that will ensure that you […]