Wiki vs. Google


Can the wisdom of crowds trump the power of Google (GOOG )? Jimmy Wales, the man behind Wikipedia, thinks so. Wales plans to launch Wikiasari, a search engine, in early 2007. Like his Web encyclopedia, one of the top 15 online destinations worldwide, Wales’s engine will rely on input from a volunteer community—this time to re-rank search results and (if users have the programming chops) to tweak Wikiasari’s open-source search codes for better results. Used alone, Wales argues, mathematical search formulas like Google’s do not produce consistently relevant results. “Human intelligence is still a very important part of the process,” he says.

Business Week, Wiki’s search for tomorrow

The Wiki project seems bold enough to efficiently rival Google. But the fact that it would take a few years to rival the Google of today, makes it harder for Wiki, because Google continuously improves.

I wouldn’t bet on Wiki, but let’s see what happens.. Innovation will certainly be the weapon of tomorrow. Who will innovate best? 🙂


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