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“I spent the rest of the evening in awe and confusion: I had built a model in my mind of what a self-made businesswoman would be like; I assumed she would be frazzled and a bit pissed off for having spent the majority of her life working. I assumed she would look tired and sartorially uninspired, because she had no time to shop. I assumed she’d have a “phone voice” –something I’d learned to adopt when I got out of the Midwest and learned that some people thought I sounded funny. This woman, however, made no apologies for her style–she combined the personal with the professional. She knew how to take things in the moment. She knew how to have a business and a life.”

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Cool, cool!, I hear myself saying! I am picturing myself like this woman, being very successful and independent and luring complete strangers at a first-business-meeting. 🙂
And the best line here:
“Women have an issue with taking on everything,” she said. “What they don’t understand is that not everything deserves to be taken on.”


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