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be open-minded


“You may hear something you think is utterly ridiculous but don’t write it off until you’ve really explored it, because it could just be true.” Financial Times, Sept16/Sept 17 2006 – The quiet art of earth mothering



“The postwar settlement allowed Japan to build a strong economy but has deprived it of the other great ambition it has held since the Meiji Restoration: to be a strong nation.” “Japan’s economy is now heavily reliant on China, which has surpassed the US as its biggest trading partner. The last thing Japan needs, many […]

“Europe has regained its number one position for attracting multinational companies when they expand overseas, bumping Asia into second place for 2005, a new survey reveals.(…)The report also suggests that cheap labour alone is no longer so attractive and that executives are again valuing education, skills and collaboration between economies. Four countries entered the top […]

“Globalization causes people to be more aware of their national culture and background, not less.” Wiley



“So if sumo wrestlers, schoolteachers and day-care parents all cheat, are we to assume that mankind is innately and universally corrupt?” Freakonomics

“Different countries have different strengths. Mr Bildt puts forward his own tongue-in-cheek recipe for the perfect “Nordic model”, stretching the geography: Finland’s education, Estonia’s progressive tax policy, Denmark’s labour market, Iceland’s entrepreneurship, Sweden’s management of big companies and Norway’s oil. The right conclusion, in other words, is that it is wisest not to look for […]