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– consumers tend to believe they’re entitled to have it all– but for many, the ability to purchase that lifestyle is beyond their reach– new trend: luxury rental concept –> can be applied to virtually every business segmentFind yoru own niche premium market, fragment ownership among your customer, and let the experience be shared by […]

“Never underestimate the intelligance of the consumer”



“Lack of choice simplified things. But it killed opportunity and hope stone dead.”“Individual choice is the Holy Grail of market forces.” freedom –> fragmentation Cosmocrats = the new elite possesing either cash, competence or both. Today, more than ever, human beings are brands. Innovators don’t imitate!

“We all live in a borderless world. Most of us are so used to the idea of internationalization that we take it for granted. Look around. How many nations do your clothes originates from? We bet that, unless you are currently in bed, you would get into serious trouble by taking off all the clothes […]