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“After the collapse of communism, the rise and fall of dot-communism, and the sometimes violent questioning of capitalism, the dominant ism left on earth is individualism” “Individualism has no limitations” “Lack of choice simplified things. But it killed opportunity and hope stone dead. Now the game of chance is over. We have been liberated.” “Individual […]

Do it now!


Do it now! Begin with the end in mind.If you want more luck, take more chances, be more active, show up more often.The act of taking the first step is what separates the winners from losers.Imagine no limitations, decide what’s right and desirable before you create what’s possible.If you want it badly enough, there are […]

“Simply giving customers what they want isn’t enough any more – to gain an edge companies must help customers learn what they want.” – Carpenter/ Marketing Management – Philip Kotler

Human memory


“Human memory is a fragile commodity that can easily be fooled and manipulated.Researchers in Canada showed that people can be persuaded that they are familiar with a particular brand of goods and that they prefer it to others, if they are asked to solve a simple puzzle – in this case an anagram – before […]

“Trust is a strong emotion. It arises from having imperfect knowledge of the business or person you’re dealing with, yet still being willing to hand over control for something of value.” Brand Strategy, Dec/Jan 2006 Issue 198webpage

The human touch


Businesses need to reconnect with the consumer world. customer trust takes longer to recover customers will stay in the short term, but eventually they will leave and not come back removing the baility to communicate can be a big problem see customer contact as a rare opportunity to build relationships and differentiation, and to sell […]

“The question is not whether India can fly, but whether how high and whether the success of its business class can be spread throughout the country.” I India now boasts robust economic growth Annual GDP growth ~ 8.1%II India is producing far more world-class companies than China. –> software & “business process outsourcing” (BPO) The […]