The seven habits of lucky people


“They have a positive outlook on life – a can-do attitude. Without aspiration and ambition, you will never experience success.

They position themselves to be exposed to luck. Such people are not afraid to move to a cluster of creativity. Just think about what gays and bohemians do to economic growth. Alternately, they roam the world to link problems at one location to solutions existing elsewhere.

These individuals have a different kind of perceptions of reality, they have an open mind, but are also in touch with themselves. Finding yourself requires that you are prepared to search. And this is a life-long journey, rather than a weekend trip to a sensory training program.

Lucky people are also proactive. Like successful companies they change before they have to. They know that they can change the future, but not the past.

The final three principles? These individuals practice, practice and practice. Changing behaviour requires that you rewire your brain for success and fortune. So, the oly way in which you can assure change is by rehearsing.”

Karaoke Capitalism – Jonas Ridderstråle, Kjell Nordstrom


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