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Deutsche Bank


“Deutsche Bank was founded by Georg Siemens in 1870 with the specific mission of finding entrepreneurs, financing entrepreneurs and forcing upon them organized disciplined management. In the economic history of the United States the entrepreneurial bankers such as J.P.Morgan in New York played a similar role.” Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Peter F. Drucker

“We have the power of choice. It is the American dream to the max – total freedom. Enjoy it. Tomorrow we are going to wake up in a world in which we all need to realized that we are condemned to freedom – the freedom to choose. There is no escape.” “Technology exists to create […]

The three drivers of technology, institutions and values have created an international, knowledge-based world. In this new environment competition is total and personal. Of knowledge is key we are all competing against each other.” Funky Business – Jonas Ridderstråle, Kjell Nordstrom



“People. They can solve problems before they happen. Invent new ways to do business. And build strong relationships with your customers and partners. They know your business inside and out – what’s working and what’s not. They’re the robust, scalable, cutting edge business solution you’ve had all along.” Without people, where would innovation come from? […]

“They have a positive outlook on life – a can-do attitude. Without aspiration and ambition, you will never experience success. They position themselves to be exposed to luck. Such people are not afraid to move to a cluster of creativity. Just think about what gays and bohemians do to economic growth. Alternately, they roam the […]

to succeed…


“To suceed, as individuals and in business, we need to dare to be different. Cash and competence gain us entry to the club. Then you must make up your mind: either to accept the backing tracks or to express your own individuality. In the world of karaoke capitalism, success is not about getting a back-stage […]

me-too versions


“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”Herman Melville “Many of us can be whoever or whatever we want to be whenever. The problem is that far too many try to be the same someone else, rather than themselves. Innovators don’t imitate. They know that there is no point in trying […]