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Interactive leadership focuses on: encouraging participation sharing power and information making people feel important energizing people “People perform best when they feel good about themselves and their work, and they try to create situations that contribute to that feeling.”“Making it easy for people to express their ideas help ensure that decisions reflect as much information […]

“It’s about being passionate about what you do. So if you focus on being curious every day and finding out what consumers want, that’s what creates a dynamic business. I’m not sure it’s any more fundamental than that.” “When you find a love of what you do and do it to the best of your […]



“With these levels of complexity, it’s not as if you can make a decision to buy or not to buy in just 10 minutes.” Mark Klijs – Villeroy & Boch Brand Strategy, Dec/Jan 2006 Issue 198webpage And more from the same article: Tryvertising allows customers to test goods in a realistic environment, giving them a […]



“Brands must realize that if consumers don’t get what they need they will move on” “The choices are tremendous. Consumers won’t be loyal unless brands are loyal to them.” Brand Strategy, Dec/Jan 2006 Issue 198webpage

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I read a lot of business related magazines every day or as often as I can. I always jot down intersting facts on topics such as marketing, management, logistics, sales etc. It became hard to keep track of them, so I decided to put them together in a blog. Enjoy and discover more with me! […]